Sunday, January 15, 2012

Get Out And Knock On Doors

Back in the old days when life was in black and white and sepia tones, it would not be uncommon for people to type up their resumes and go door knocking for a job. True story (for all the gen Y’s and Z’s). People would dress up in suits, resume in hand and walk the streets looking for a job.

Come to think of it, it’s what I did at 13 when I landed my first job. I really wanted an after school job where I could earn my own money to buy clothes and pay for my own movies; Independence has always been a strong feature of mine.

I borrowed my sisters type writer and went through a few reams of paper. Its not because I had much experience to put down (I was only 13), but typewriters didn’t have the “control z” option and as I was also using carbon paper. I really did go through a lot of paper. If my sister is reading this now - I sincerely apologise and will bring over a ream of paper on my next visit.

After printing off a few copies of my well worded resume, I went to our local shopping centre and visited every single shop. Granted this was prior to Westfields being on every corner - but there were a lot of shops! I asked to speak to the managers and gave them my pitch.

“Are you hiring school kids for after school work” (You didn’t need to say too much back then because of the attractiveness of cheap labour).

I had a fantasty of working in a high fashion store, where they would ask me to take clothes home and try them out. Sadly, I didn’t live in the kind of neighbourhood that had a lot of high fashion shops, but I seriously would have settled for a “Katies” or “Susans” or “Sportsgirl”.

I finally landed a job at a local milk bar selling hot chips, hamburgers and milkshakes. It may not have been the most glamorous position in the world, but I enjoyed every minute of being there. I worked with other school kids and older Greek ladies who gave us motherly advice and fed us most of the food we were supposed to be selling. I went home most afternoons with a bag full of baklava. I also developed exceptional customer service skills and I can still make a mean vanilla milkshake.

But that was then; walking around business to business with a printed resume in hand would not be considered very enterprising.

That’s why we have emails.

After writing a list of companies I want to work for and reviewing their websites, you tube videos and LinkedIn profiles, I have decided to go door knocking by email. I am sensitive to spam, so  I wont be sending off a bulk email with a country full of bcc’s. The generic “Dear..... “ may give it away.

After carefully researching the companies, I am going to write up a proposal of what value I can add to the company. I’m working on my sales pitch.

I also happen to believe the job I will eventually land will be a job that is yet to be created - so rather than go through the HR department, I am going to approach the most Senior Managers I can find because while they may not know all of the positions vacant, they will have an idea on the companies direction and growth.

I know it’s going to be a hard sell, as it was when I was a 13 year old teenager. As a product, I’m still the expert on Lisa and there is no better person to get out there and sell “me” than me!

Thank goodness for that “control z” option!

TYPEWRITER Remington Antique Crop By C. Gilliam Creative Commons 3.0

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