Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dear Me,

Here is a letter from me in January 2013 - to me in January 2012. (get it?)

Dear Me,

Happy New Year once again! And what a way to welcome the year after such an exciting one you’ve just had.

This letter is written in the future to tell you about what happened in your year - I know how much you like to be well prepared being a Virgo. Is it well prepared or anal, or just absolutely organised? Either way, I understand how important it is for you to plan your life, with Plan A, B, C and Z.

So here goes:
Everything is going to be OK. It always is. No matter what is thrown at you, you always manage to come out on top and smiling. It’s your strength of character to find a positive spin on everything that happens. To be able to see life’s lessons and run with them.

2012 will be another great year for learning.

As soon as the fireworks of New Years Eve fizzle and the lights on the Harbour Bridge fade, it’s time to get cracking.

Write your lists. Decide what you want in life and go out and get it because its all there waiting for you.

January will be spent getting back on your feet, cleaning the cobwebs and starting fresh. Sunscreen is a key staple of your handbag, I suggest you also keep a bottle in the bathroom for the kids. Out of sight is out of mind, and those fair skinned children need constant reminders.

Change your cover letters, they sound far too exciting to potential employers. I think you might be scaring them off. Stop applying for every job on Most of those jobs don’t even exist.

Your trip to Flores in February will be amazing. Spend this time being kind to yourself. Relax and enjoy the company of John, Tom, Kerryn and Martin. It's the Year of the Dragon - take a lot of photos of the Komodo Dragons and write a travel article. Your guides of Timor Leste and Papua New Guinea were fantastic and served a purpose - a guide on Flores will be just as great.

Children will continue to push the boundaries as they do - and you will appreciate the brassiness of this. And then you will find a way of whispering to them the lessons you hope they learn. They will listen, they’re great kids.

Your husband will be by your side every step of the way, clapping from the sidelines as you mark particular milestones in your agenda.

Friends and family will also be there for you. Nurture friendships and gossip less.

Exercise daily and reduce that sugar addiction you have! January was a great start with the Pilates classes, keep them going at least three mornings a week. What a fantastic way to get your body moving and starting your day right.

Chocolate is not your friend. Water is.

You will get a job! It will be with a company who is proud of a positive culture, who is keen to develop staff and who appreciates your love of travel. Every day will be different, something new to learn on a continuous basis. Your leadership will be valued - make sure you continue to bring fresh ideas to the table because they will be welcomed. Not everything will go ahead, but that’s OK because you were brave enough to present them.

Your year will end on a high, so put a bottle of Moet in the fridge right now.

Appreciate the little things that 2012 has to offer. Embrace life and continue to have faith in yourself. You are an intelligent person, warm and caring with so much to offer.  

Above all, be happy.

Me. xx

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