Saturday, August 4, 2012

I'm a fraud!

I have a confession to make. 

I'm employed and I have been since September last year - I just didn't recognise it officially. 

It's only been the past couple of weeks that I saw myself as being in the right role, and in the right company, and sadly by not recognising it sooner I devalued what I was bringing to the table. 

Last September I asked my husband if I could come in and help out in his IT business. It wasn't that I wanted a hand-out, I just wanted to keep myself busy while looking for my next career. I don't know anything about IT, but I am a damn good operations manager and an exceptional leader. I've also been tagged as the process queen and I knew that I could add my skills to the company and it would be a win-win. 

Still, in my mind this wasn't a "job". It was a place to park my butt and keep my skills fresh until something else came along. 

It's a small company, with a close team and a great attitude. The hours fit in well with my family life and the stress levels are relatively low. There are some flaws, as in any company - but they are nothing compared to where I came from. This is a safe place to bring ideas to the group, and to be given the power to implement them. There are some politics, but having swam with sharks for many years in the corporate world, they are manageable. The company is growing, and becoming industry leaders. Across diverse product lines and industries! Everything that was on my list as the perfect place to work is right here. 

But because I didn't see this as my end game, no one else saw it either. And this meant I lost track in gaining the buy-in and acceptance from the team. 

I made a decision a couple of weeks ago that I would make a commitment to the company and remain there indefinitely. And it felt right. I know its now up to me to do some work to get the team to see me as something other than the bosses wife, or an ex corporate player and to get them to start seeing me as part of their team. I'm up for the challenge!  

I am in the place I need to be right now, and it feels fantastic. (But I don't know how to change the name of my blog!)

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