Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The People You Know.......

I received an email today from an ex-colleague. He is a well respected Emergency Doctor, in a high position within the Australian healthcare system and we worked together remotely on some very complex cases.

His email was out of the blue. Totally unexpected, but very well received.

He wanted to let me know that he had passed on my details to a friend of his who was now in charge of a large Multi-National in Asia Pacific and was looking for senior personnel to run the Sydney office. It’s the kind of job that has my name written all over it, and I happen to know a few people I could bring to the table as well.

We’re not friends. His is not someone that I would include on my Facebook page. He is not on my Christmas card list and if I were on his side of the country I probably wouldn’t even think to look to him up. Our relationship is purely that of ex-colleagues, with mutual respect for each others work.

This email is not a job offer, nor does it guarantee a call. But the way I see it is this: Someone in a very high position who I have worked with has referred me to someone he knows. This is one of the most flattering things that can happen, it’s a validation of my work and he wouldn’t do this if he didn’t trust my ability to get the job done.

Maintaining relationships is key.

The path of friendship can lead to the most interesting places. 
Photo by John Dobbin

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