Monday, December 26, 2011

The Getting of Independence

After 24 hours of crying at the thought that I was no longer valued in the company I had given almost 8 years to, I wiped my eyes, checked my bank balance and decided to buy myself some independence.

In the form of an iPhone and an Apple Mac Air.

Having been a corporate Blackberry user for many years and having never looked at a phone bill, I was intimidated by the choice and options in front of me. The iPhone salesman saw me coming.

When asked what I wanted to do with a phone, I thought the guy was pulling my leg. I want to call people, and I want people to call me (preferably with a job offer). Did I want emails, did I want to surf the net, did I want to take photos. All of this is a given if you were born after 1990, I just had to guess this is also what I wanted in my life as well. $800 later and I was the proud owner of a miniature computer known as an iPhone. My life was now complete. Until I realised I had to hook it up to a plan.... and this is when the fun really started.

There are a gazillion different options available when it comes to a phone carrier and my head was now swimming with details on data, sms's, domestic and international calls, buzz buzz. I had to make a landline phone call to my daughter and ask for her advice. Optus Pre Paid and I haven't looked back.

The next stage of my independence was in the form of a gorgeously sleek MacBook Air that fit into my handbag. At every opportunity I would whip out my new found freedom in its silver sleek case and surf my way through various job posting sites. Writing my resume and cover letters was almost joyous on this little thing that fit beautifully on coffee shop tables and park benches.

In all my working life I had to endure the horrible thumps on the keyboards of Dells and various other clunky machines - and now I had the freedom to type on whatever I liked.

Redundancy was starting to feel good.

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